Digital Marketing


MarketingProgram Review

A Marketing Program Review of the 2019 Austin Spring Tango Festival, an event that celebrates Argentine Tango by bringing in top international Maestros to teach festival workshops and has an annual attendance of over 350 dancers.  Includes:

  • Audience Insights, Festival Attendance, and Revenue Breakdown
  • A Review of Marketing Channels including Facebook, Instagram, Email, and Website
  • Survey Results including Top 5 Reasons for Attending the Festival, Audience Profile, and Event Satisfaction Ratings
  • Analysis of Competitive Advantages, Challenges, and Action Items for Growth


A Marketing Onboarding Guide for the Austin Spring Tango Festival to welcome new marketers and introduce them to the festival and its marketing activities. Includes:

  • Company History with Mission, Goals, and Team
  • Marketing Overview of Timeline, Marketing Channels, Tech Stack, and evergreen Content Topics
  • Objectives for Role, Specific Projects, and KPI’s
  • Checklist of 1st Month Accomplishments

MarketingBranding Guide

A Branding Guide for the Austin Spring Tango Festival to be used for signage, advertising, and all communications including website, email, and social media.  Features:

  • ASTF History and Values
  • Color Scheme and Fonts
  • Style and Art Guidelines

Marketing Plan

A Demo Marketing Plan and Website developed for Expedition 512, a nonprofit which provides an online space for people to learn about nature and opportunities to engage with their local environment.  Includes:

  • Business Overview with Market Analysis, Target Audience and Personas, and Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Objectives, Content Strategies, and KPI’s
  • Website Planning with Sitemap, Wireframes, and SEO Strategy

McCombs School of Business Digital Marketing Bootcamp Group Project

MarketingLoyalty Program

Demo Loyalty Program for a current business designed to enhance the company’s already stellar customer experience by providing its customers with an opportunity to amplify their giving efforts through a charitable give-back program. Includes:

  • Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, and Audience Analysis and Personas
  • Loyalty Program Overview, Tiers, and Rewards Breakdown
  • Digital Channel Mix and KPI’s
  • Google Ads Campaign Structure, Keywords, and Ad Mockups
  • Program Touchpoints and Lead Scoring

McCombs School of Business Digital Marketing Bootcamp Group Project


Demo SEO Audit of Hedge House Furniture’s design-forward website with a focus on building brand awareness and highlighting their modern hardwood furniture designs. Includes:

  • Keyword Strategy Review and Sample Keywords
  • Content Page and Internal Linking Optimizations
  • Metadata Review and Backlink Strategy
  • Suggestions for Future Content Optimizations

McCombs School of Business Digital Marketing Bootcamp Project