My name is Holly Hunnicutt. I’m a Sales Enablement Expert and Digital Marketer.



1. Define

Where do you start with a project? My number one question is: Who’s your audience?  To set a business up for success, you need to get the lay of the land, do some research, and understand your market and competition. Once we have an understanding of these elements, it is time to create that marketing plan.

Digital creation starts on your laptop

2. Create

Once we’ve laid the groundwork, we are ready to create quality content that is focused on your customer.  From marketing programs and campaigns to sales assets and training to optimized web design, it’s time to get the word out to promote your business.

Evaluate Puzzle piece

3. Evaluate

Using data and analytics, we will measure project progress against the objectives and KPI’s originally set.  We will use this input to continually refine our goals and messaging to make sure we convert your customers and maximize the ROI for your business.


Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

From a sample Sales Enablement Program Overview to honing in on Buyer Personas and Sales Training for Objection Handling.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

From building a Marketing Program from the initial Marketing Plan and Branding Guides to Marketing Onboarding to the Final Program Review.

Web Design

Web Design

WordPress websites designed with the target audience in mind. Mobile-responsive and optimized for SEO with a full keyword audit.

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